I'm thrilled and honored to be a part of this show with CAMIBA Art, opening this Friday. Please come and join us for the opening reception, or stop by over the next month for a visit. It's an eclectic and exuberant collection of ten Austin artists.

ausTEN: a group show of ten Austin artists Opening reception: Friday, December 19 at 5:30pm 2000 East 6th St. Austin, TX 78702

EAST - One weekend down

The first weekend of EAST was frigid and wet but lots of people braved the weather and came by. It was such a lovely time. Almost no one, however, took advantage of the cold beer. Hopefully weekend two will be sunny and warm! Also hoping to finish up a few more pieces this week and get them framed in time for Saturday. Come see me!

A few more

The upside to a broken sewing machine is that all I can do is keep on creating pieces. A new machine should arrive tomorrow, and until then I'll just keep on building.

A few new pieces in the works

There are 10-15 pieces in the works right now. Here's a sample of them in progress.

The machine

At the People's Gallery art talk in July a woman asked during the Q&A portion what my relationship with my sewing machine is like. It's definitely a love story. My machine is almost 15 years old and it is held together with duct tape, pins, and styrofoam. But it finally, really died. Technically fixable but for about the cost of the machine, and with no guarantee I'm going to get it up to a good working condition. Enter a rapid fire, crazy search for the next one. Fifteen years is a long time and my sewing needs are so different now, so I'm going for an upgrade. Scared, nervous, super excited, and in a rush. Wish me luck.

Art After Six

The People's Gallery is hosting an artist talk next week and I'm thrilled to be one of the speakers. Come check it out!

A work in progress

A new piece in the works. Based very loosely on a freeze frame from the World Cup. My husband paused the TV and what stuck was a really beautiful collection of squares. He took a photo for me and that was the start of this piece, although by the time I had half of the fabric set I forgot the goal was squares, and the second half was all kinds of shapes. It's all pinned down now and ready to sew.

The People's Gallery

An exciting update (and apologies for the absence - the tiny baby did not prevent art from being made, but did prevent me from posting about it); I have three pieces up all year at The People's Gallery in City Hall. It's a great honor and it's a blast to see my work hanging around the hallways.

Big piece

A while back I posted some in progress shots of this large work - it's about 5 1/2 feet long and 3 feet high. Finally declared it done and had it professionally photographed.

EAST Again

I'm gearing the studio up for EAST again this year. Please come see me! We are #22 on the tour and the studio is in the garage around the back.

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