EAST - One weekend down

The first weekend of EAST was frigid and wet but lots of people braved the weather and came by. It was such a lovely time. Almost no one, however, took advantage of the cold beer. Hopefully weekend two will be sunny and warm! Also hoping to finish up a few more pieces this week and get them framed in time for Saturday. Come see me!

The machine

At the People's Gallery art talk in July a woman asked during the Q&A portion what my relationship with my sewing machine is like. It's definitely a love story. My machine is almost 15 years old and it is held together with duct tape, pins, and styrofoam. But it finally, really died. Technically fixable but for about the cost of the machine, and with no guarantee I'm going to get it up to a good working condition. Enter a rapid fire, crazy search for the next one. Fifteen years is a long time and my sewing needs are so different now, so I'm going for an upgrade. Scared, nervous, super excited, and in a rush. Wish me luck.

Art After Six

The People's Gallery is hosting an artist talk next week and I'm thrilled to be one of the speakers. Come check it out!

EAST Again

I'm gearing the studio up for EAST again this year. Please come see me! We are #22 on the tour and the studio is in the garage around the back.

The Heat

The beloved sewing machine is having a rough time in this heat. The studio doesn't have AC so I usually try and keep cool with lots of ice water, but apparently I wasn't the only one having trouble. During a particularly hot afternoon last week the poor machine gave out. To be fair, what melted was the duct tape fix done years ago, but it had lasted so long I'd forgotten it wasn't a "real" repair.

Lots of time this weekend trying to get it back up to no avail. Going to have to give in and take it somewhere so I can get back at the sewing. I was really getting into the new landscape work, including this look at the Maine coast:


Exciting news from the studio - another baby is on the way and due in about three weeks. It's meant less time on the blog, but there are new fabric ideas to post and work to show. More images to come soon.

First E.A.S.T. Weekend

The first weekend of E.A.S.T. was a success and lots of fun. What a joy to talk to folks all day. Here's to next weekend and doing it again!

And if you happen to have left your glasses at my studio, send me an email and I'll reunite you with them.


I'm very excited to report that the studio will be part of the East Austin Studio Tour on November 10th, 11th, 17th, and 18th. Please stop by to say hello!


Little pieces

Sometimes it helps to step back and make some small, simple, quick pieces that play with colors or images stuck in my head. Last week was such a week. Here are a few of the things that emerged.

A new studio

After several months off at the end of my pregnancy, and then taking care of our newborn, I am finally back at work on my fabric pieces. In order to really cement the return, we moved my studio from its small room inside the house to a much larger space. We converted our oversized garage into a studio, and it is a wonderful place to be.



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