Another new sculptural piece. This one is big and very 3D - about 30x30x8. Primarily made with old t-shirts and jeans. Upon completing it I realized the strong influence of the Gee's Bend quilters.

How the pieces come together

Here's a series of photos that show the first part of the process behind creating one of the larger pieces. It is still underway so no final photos just yet.

First the piecing begins:

Eventually the entire first layer is down.

And then the pinning begins.

Sculptural work

Some of the pieces are taking a more sculptural form these days, with small sections layered to create greater depth. Here's the first completed work in this new series – it's small at 10''x14'' and based on a square painting of similar colors. For the first time in a while I returned to using some hand stitches to finish it out. The machine is just too intense for the delicate areas around the three dimensional layers, so a needle and thread came to the rescue.

Unfortunately the photo is too flat to show the 3D part, but it is in the bottom left.



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